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U18 Girls Futsal Final in Gloucester

Over 100 girls are set to take part in the GFA U18 Futsal Final in Gloucester this Sunday by Elliott Cuff of Park Sport Life.

The GFA U18 Girls League is in its second season this year, with their traditional eleven vs eleven football supplemented by a winter futsal programme during January.

The Futsal League has ten teams participating this season, with two groups of five hosting a round-robin style system. The top 3 in each group will advance to the knockout stage for the Cup, with the other four teams dropping into a knockout competition for the Plate.

Sunday will see the final league games take place at the GL1 Leisure Centre, and will be followed by the knockout fixtures, taking place from 10am to 2:30pm.

Six FA qualified Futsal referees will officiate the event, with over 100 girls participating with trophies up for grabs.

Teams including Tuffley Rovers, Forest Green Rovers and Downend Flyers as well as Hereford FC and Fry Club will be looking to qualify for the Cup, whilst Dursley and teams from Hereford Lads Club look certain to qualify for the Plate competition.

Futsal is a variation of five-a-side football that emphasises ball skill, creativity and improvisation, featured on a smaller, hard-surface pitch with smaller balls that don’t bounce as much as regular balls.

As such, Futsal is a great way to help develop young footballers by teaching them ball control, close passing and technique whilst eliminating the unpredictable nature of the weather ruining fixtures, as it is played entirely indoors.

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