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The FA Mars Just Play!

These football opportunities give the casual footballer a chance to play on their terms.

The Just Play! kickabout is recreational football at its best – it’s about turning up for an hour of exercise and a bit of fun. It’s football for those who can’t or don’t want to commit to an eight-month long season of matches and training.

Frankly, it’s jumpers for goalposts, but we provide the balls, pitch and teams.

FA Mars Just Play! is purely for adults, for men, for women, for those who think they’re talented and for those who think they aren’t. There’s a kickabout designed specifically for you, whatever your age or ability.

There are Just Play kickabouts up and down the country, with 400 centres running since the programme launched in 2011. Sessions or ‘kickabouts’ run on a weekly basis over 32 weeks of the year by a Level 1 coach.

Want to get involved? Contact your local organiser or use The FA Find Football Tool link and use the search bar to locate your nearest kickabout, turn up and Just Play!

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Jack Stanbury

Football Development Officer

Email: Support@GloucestershireFA.com

Phone: 01454 615888 (Option 3)

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To play at the Gloucestershrie FA HQ's Just Play! lunch time sessions

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We have sessions on a Tuesday, Thursday and Friday Lunchtime. Based just across the road from Aztec West.  

Sign up to a Just play session for your chance to win this fantastic prize 🦁 Just play prize 2019-20 1

The kickabouts will be taking place at Just Play Centres, sports centres, football pitches, five-a-side centres, community centres, colleges or universities near you.

Find your nearest session here.

Times will vary from one centre to another and across the country. Use the search area below to find a centre near you. Although you'll find that kickabouts tend to take place on the same day and same time each week you don't have to commit to a weekly game. Keeping it casual is what Just Play is all about.

You can also find your nearest session here.

They're for everyone who, for one reason or another has stopped playing or has ever wanted to play football. So, if it's a good old-fashioned kickabout you're looking for, the people at Mars and The FA have made it as easy as 'one-two' to turn up and start playing the way that suits you.

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