Club Affiliation

Club Affiliation

Clubs can start their affiliation for 2019/20

Gloucestershire FA announces that Clubs can start their affiliation for the 2019/20 season using FA Whole Game.

There is no change to the on-line process that was used last season.

When logged-in to Club accounts on FA Whole Game, Secretaries will find the ‘Available – Affiliation 2019-2020’ tab on the menu on the left hand side of the screen.  Clicking this will generate an eight-stage affiliation form containing live data from the current club record.

 Each stage is supported by a ‘How to Guide’ video animation to help.  Important requirements and information is listed below.

All new clubs will need to complete and return a blank affiliation form (available below) but once their details are registered on FA Whole Game they will be able to access the Whole Game facility. 

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The deadline for submitting affiliation forms is Monday, 1 July 2019.


Once submitted, Gloucestershire FA will review the information to check that the affiliation costs and cup entries are correct.  We aim to complete this within two working days of the submission.  When verified, invoice(s) will be generated to allow you to pay the fees on Whole Game using a credit or debit card.  Alternatively, you can print off the invoice and make payment by bank transfer, cheque or cash.  If you are sending in a cheque, please ensure that it is clearly marked with your club’s name and invoice number(s).  Please do not send cash by post.


The deadline for payment of all affiliation and cup entry invoices is 14 days from the date of issue.

Please note that any club failing to meet the highlighted deadlines is liable to incur late affiliation and/or late payment fees.


On receipt of the payments and information that your club has the required insurance and satisfies FA Safeguarding criteria, a new affiliation number will be generated and appear on the Club’s Whole Game Dashboard.


Gloucestershire FA hopes that you will take up this opportunity to use Whole Game to affiliate your club(s) for the 2019/20 season.



In order to satisfy affiliation requirements, all Clubs must have Public Liability Insurance cover of at least £10 million which can be purchased via Whole game (see attached Bluefin Sport brochure).  Please remember that the Bluefin Sport CountyCover policy only covers teams playing at Step 5 (Hellenic and Toolstation Leagues) and below.  Clubs with teams playing at Step 4 (Southern League) and above of the FA football pyramid will be required to upload a certificate of cover as evidence that Public Liability Insurance is in place for 2019/20.


Club teams must also be members of a players’ Group Personal Accident Insurance (GPAI) scheme that must meet The Gloucestershire FA’s minimum recommended levels of cover for adult and youth teams.  For the 2019/20 season, the minimum level of Personal Accident Insurance for Gloucestershire FA affiliated clubs is the ‘Intermediate’ Cover for adult teams and ‘Superior Gold’ Cover for Youth teams available from Bluefin Sport.  See page 5 of attached Group Personal Accident Insurance brochure for more details of the different levels of cover required.  If your club is not been sent a reminder from Bluefin Sport, GPAI can be purchased at

Benevolent Fund
With the advent of a new season we are again taking this opportunity to remind you of the advantages of donating to the Gloucestershire FA Benevolent Fund for players, who through injury (incurred in affiliated football matches) suffer a loss of earnings or other financial loss.  Over the past 5 seasons, this Fund has paid out £25K to injured players.  All Clubs are invited to make a donation to be eligible to claim on behalf of their players during 2019-20.  The suggested optional payment is £10 per adult team and £10 per youth club.  

County Cups

The system will recognise the cup competitions teams took part in during the 2018/19 season.  If your adult team was a GFA cup winner, or was promoted or relegated in 2018/19, please refer to the attached ‘GFA Adult Cup Classification’ guide to determine the correct competition the same team should take part in during 2019/20.


When selecting entry to GFA Cup competitions type in ‘Gloucestershire’ or the age group (e.g. ‘U14’) to start the search.


Please note that youth cups are played on Sundays and require teams to be classified with the correct format and gender as follows:-


U12 Boys – 9v9 & ‘boys’ or ‘mixed’

U13 Boys – 11v11 & ‘boys’ or ‘mixed’

U14 Boys – 11v11 & ‘boys’ or ‘mixed’

U15 Boys – 11v11 & ‘boys’ or ‘mixed’

U16 Boys – 11v11 & ‘boys’ or ‘mixed’

U18 Youth – 11v11 & ‘boys’ or ‘mixed’


U12 Girls – 9v9 & ‘girls’

U13 Girls – 9v9 & ‘girls’

U14 Girls – 11v11 & ‘girls’

U15 Girls – 11v11 & ‘girls’

U16 Girls – 11v11 & ‘girls’


Safeguarding requirements

Clubs with Youth and/or Wheelchair teams should note other mandatory FA Safeguarding criteria for Club Affiliation:-


• Club Secretary, Chair, Treasurer and Welfare Officer must all have completed the FA Safeguarding for Committee Members (SCM).  This free course can be accessed through the following link and is valid for three years from the date of issue. Additional instructions are published below.


• All youth team (Under 18 and below) and wheelchair team managers and coaches are required to have an in-date, FA accepted, Disclosure and Barring Scheme (DBS) check (within three years of issue date) at the point of affiliation.  Managers and Coaches can be named against youth teams without a FA DBS check, but affiliation cannot be approved by the County FA until they have an in-date DBS check (in line with FA regulations).


• An individual cannot be a named manager/coach for more than four different youth teams within the same or different clubs, although they can be named as assistant manager/assistant coach for more than four teams.


For more information about FA Safeguarding requirements, please refer to guidance published by The FA at


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