The new Marketing Officer at GFA

New Marketing and Communications Officer - Jacques Kitenge

Introducing our new Marketing and Communications Officer for the next year, Jacques Kitenge

New Marketing and Communications Officer 

 Jacques Kitenge Joins Us As The New Marketing & Communications Officer For The Upcoming Year. 


I love Football. From school competitions, weekend football, university social league and 5-a-side – I’ve been playing the sport for a long time and will continue to do so. Now I’m very fortunate to be able to work within the sport I love and show the work which football helps plays a part in, locally and naturally.

I went to university with the aspirations of becoming a sports journalist and writing and commenting on football matches. The course provided me with experience and a range of skills in presenting, reporting, creating content while learning about different subjects and topics. While at university friends and I created an online magazine and podcast. Through this particular experience, I gained knowledge regarding the best way to promote and share the work we and our contributors were producing.

Journalism is a great tool for sharing information, news, and giving a voice to those that do not always have the opportunity to be heard. In grassroots football, there are a vast number of people from volunteers, club officials, players, referees, supporters and staff members – all with stories to be heard. I’ve the opportunity to build upon the skills, experience and knowledge I have obtained and work in a sport I love, showcasing the work Gloucestershire Football Association is doing in providing football to individuals, in  a safe, fun, open and friendly environment.

If you would like to get in touch with Jacques, you can email him Here

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