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We are here for you. If you need help or have any concerns, give us a call. 

Gemma Szakacs- Designated Safeguarding Officer

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Children Participation Youth Survey

Youth football survey 

 Help us shape YOUR game! 

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youth football survey findings


Over the past year we have surveyed over 400 Children and Young People to understand how they feel about football. The following dashboard provides a summary of how the children felt about various areas of the game


Whilst surveying the Children and Young People we also asked them what they would change if they had the opportunity. Here is what they said:

You Said...
We Did...

We don’t like our kit…

Contacted the relevant clubs and highlighted the FA Charter Standard Kit Store and FA Nike Partner Club Programme.

Parents shout to much …. 

We spoke to the club and league and highlighted The FA’s ‘We only do Positive Campaign’ 

The pitches we play on are wet and muddy…


We have contacted the club/s to promote The FA Pitch Improvement Programme. 

We also continue to identify and develop new 3G Football Turf Pitches and where available encourage youth leagues to centralise fixtures. 


Our training is boring and the same...

We have developed a coach CPD programme and shared this with all of the respective clubs/teams that have been surveyed.

We wouldn’t change anything, it is great fun and I see friends…

Great… we gave the feedback of the positive news to the clubs/teams involved.


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Whatever your worry, it's better out than in. Childline are here to support.


Mental Health Awareness and Football





  • Online safety
  • Report a problem
  • Bullying
  • Abuse

Call the NSPCC helpline if you're worried about a child or someone that you know.

Even if you're unsure, contact the professional counsellors 24/7 for help, advice and support on 0808 800 5000. Alternatively, visit their website below.

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Staying safe when on a tablet,
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call us if you have a concern you want to talk about


Gemma Szakacs

Designated Safeguarding Officer

Emergency out of hours: 07960 500 130