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Benevolent Fund

Finacial assistance for injured players & offcials

The Benevolent Fund provides financial assistance to players and match officials injured during the participation in football.

The objective of The Benevolent Fund is to assist players of Clubs affiliated to the Gloucestershire Football Association and in membership of the fund, and players of Representative League and County Teams, who may be injured whilst playing football in a recognized match. It also assists affiliated Referees who sustain injuries whilst officiating at sanctioned football matches.


Except in exceptional circumstances, applications must be made to the Benevolent Fund on the form provided within 28 days of injury. The form, duly signed must include a report by and be countersigned by a Member of Council. A medical certificate must accompany the form.

Applicants must be unable to follow their usual employment for a minimum of 2 weeks before a grant will be considered. 

The amount of grant awarded is determined by the nature of the accident and circumstances of the applicant. Grants maybe made as a lump sum or in instalments.

For full details of the Benevolent Fund Rules, please refer to the GFA Handbook

Click on the link below to download the application form.