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Mini-Soccer (5-10)


Mini-soccer focuses on creating an environment which meets the needs of our young players between 5-10 years old.

Children are naturally competitive when they play football. They learn better when they are matched by ability and the games are close. This is why it is known as Development Football.

Children from U5 - U10 do not play in leagues. They can play in a maximum of three trophy events during the season. This allows them to learn about winning and losing in a fun environment. Trophies can be awarded to the winners and the results of the mini-event published.

Have a read of the FA's guide to Grassroots youth footbal and Fustal & Mini-Soccer guides below.

FA Grassroots Youth Guide

FA Youth Futsal and Mini-Soccer Handbook

The FA has produced guidance on heading the ball for age groups, between Under 6 and Under 18. Take a look at the guidance below.

FA Heading Guidance

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Reporting Concerns


If you feel that an adult connected to your league or club (e.g. a referee, coach or a volunteer) is mistreating someone under the age of 18, there are various confidential ways you can report this.

By ‘mistreating’, we mean behaving towards under-18s in a physical or verbal way you believe is threatening or makes the young person feel scared or bad.

Find out more and watch a short film The FA has produced explaining how to report your concerns. Of course, everything is completely confidential.

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