The GFA has partnered with mark Harrod Ltd.

Mark Harrod Ltd. becomes the new Official Goal Post Supplier of Gloucestershire FA

Clubs can get a 20% discount on selected products.

The Gloucestershire FA is delighted to announce our new Official Goal Post Supplier, Mark Harrod Ltd. This is a new and exciting partnership with the goalpost and sports equipment manufacturer, and all clubs can get up to 20% off selected products with the code GFA20.

The GFA has had a great relationship with Mark Harrod Ltd. for several years. This recent partnership not only strengthens that but also allows all clubs to upgrade or renew their equipment with a discount from an established manufacturer with 20 years of experience in the industry. 

“Mark Harrod have long been the Gloucestershire FA’s trusted supplier and their products can be seen around our Oaklands Park facility”, said Matt Liddle, GFA Commercial and Marketing Manager. “We have enjoyed an ongoing relationship with them as the service provider for our goals, and their commitment to safety standards is second to none. I am very happy to now build on that and offer their goals to our clubs at a reduced price.”

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A Mark Harrod goal at Oaklands Park 

The collaboration with Mark Harrod comes as a part of the GFA’s ongoing effort to secure partnerships that will benefit those in our community. Goalposts are also one of the areas that Clubs can bid in for funding via the Football Foundation, with grants of up to 75% available. As a Football Foundation approved supplier, Mark Harrod products are eligible to be purchased with funding.

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Combined with the 20% partnership discount, it should now be more affordable than ever for clubs to purchase equipment. The discount runs across several items including: football goals, team shelters, spectator barriers, ball-stop systems. Visit and add the discount code GFA20 to your basket. You can also mention the code when you call or email the team for the same discount.

Peter Robson, Mark Harrod Senior Sales Advisor: “We here at Mark Harrod Ltd. are excited to announce our new partnership with the Gloucestershire FA as their Official Goal Post Supplier, ensuring that our close working relationship over the years can continue and grow stronger.”

“The new partnership ensures that we can offer clubs a 20% discount and we are also available to give free expert advice on all aspects of equipment for your facility, so contact us on 01785 594421 or visit our website, to see our full range.”