Group of people at Rebound With Rovers

World Mental Health Day 2023

The 10th October is World Mental Health Day and represents an opportunity to spread awareness of mental health.

World Mental Health Day 


The importance of Mental Health can not be understated, and this campaign is about raising awareness and getting people to talk openly about their mental health. 


There are lots of support groups in Bristol and Gloucestershire, and Rebound With Rovers is just one of these. 


We caught up with Costa Chard, who helps run Rebound With Rovers, to chat about the sessions and how important they are. 


What is Rebound with Rovers? 


Rebound with Rovers is a mental fitness project who's aim is to use the power of football to help those who might be struggling with a lack of confidence, low self-esteem, depression and loneliness. We know that physical activity improves mental health and we ensure that every participant is made to feel welcome and enjoy their time with us every week. As part of the project we also run a check in and out session which give all attendees an opportunity to talk about how they are feeling in a safe and confidential environment within a supportive group. 


What happens at each session? 


As mentioned earlier, our sessions start with a 'check in' where we share how we are feeling before we start an hour of activity for our football session which is then followed by a 'check out' session where we revisit how we are feeling and have some refreshments. Occasionally we also have speakers who attend our sessions who specialise in areas of support. 


How important is it to keep raising awareness about Mental health? 


It's vital, in fact it's essential that we raise awareness of mental health not just from a Rebound perspective. With so many fantastic mental health support groups out there, it's extremely important that we encourage those who maybe struggling with their mental fitness to talk to someone and not suffer in silence. 


How can people get involved with RwR? 


We have spaces available for our Wednesday morning session which runs at the Southmead Sports Pavillion on Jarrets Road, Southmead from 10am till 12pm. If anyone is interested in attending please contact