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An Introduction to Sports Marketing

Improve your team’s social media presence with a free 1 hour sports marketing seminar

An Introduction to Sports Marketing

Learn how to run your club's socials in 1 hour!

If you’re looking to improve your team's social media presence, then join us for this FREE sports marketing seminar delivered by social media marketer Jonny Gilder.

Within the space of an hour, you’ll learn the basics of social media marketing, and you’ll come away with the knowledge of how to write posts and create content ideas, as well as having the opportunity to ask any questions you might have.

The session will be held online on Monday 6th February from 7-8pm. Sign up to the seminar below.


Jonny has over seven years of experience in the marketing industry and specialises in sports marketing. He currently works as a freelancer delivering social media marketing for sports brands, teams, and athletes. You’ll have the chance to pick his brains and learn the latest social media techniques. Find out more about Jonny by clicking here.