gloucestershire fa zero tolerance policy

Zero Tolerance Policy


The Board of Directors and the Glos FA Council recently approved a Zero Tolerance Policy that has been introduced as part of the Association’s duty of care to its employees, directors and volunteers involved in delivering GFA events such as safeguarding audit visits and County Cup finals.

The policy has been put in place as a result of email communications sent to employees by a small number of volunteers, including a small minority of grassroots league officers, that both staff and board members considered unprofessional and offensive. We cannot allow this type of behaviour to go unchecked and the policy sets out the actions we may take.

We consider the Zero Tolerance Policy as an extension of the FA’s ‘Enough is Enough’ initiative, for as the FA pointed out, for all the good that football can bring, sadly 2022 saw too many examples of unacceptable behaviours that had the opposite impact. We always aim to treat customers and stakeholders courteously and expect football volunteers, participants and members of the public to treat Glos FA staff and Glos FA volunteers in a similarly respectful way.

Glos FA Zero Tolerance Policy