parents watching youth football match

Silent Support Weekend 25-26 February

On Silent Support Weekend, actions speak louder than words

This weekend [25-26 February] is the return of the Silent Support Weekend, the FA’s national campaign aimed at giving youth players the opportunity to find their voice on pitches.

The first national pilot aimed to allow youth players to explore their own game, find their voice and take control of the game.

The first Silent weekend took place in November 2022 and the FA received feedback from over 3,000 people who participated and they’ve taken that on board to tailor this second Silent Support Weekend.

After the first Silent Support Weekend young players said it allowed them to talk more as a team, with more chances to make decisions and overall, it was more enjoyable. However, they missed the support of their coach.

This time around the coaches will be permitted to coach throughout the match, and can help the players where needed. Everyone can applaud good play from either team with parents and supporters showing their backing from the side-lines through applause only.

We’re asking spectators to work together with coaches to provide a positive space for the players during the match.

All Youth Leagues that have signed up will have received resources from the FA. If you missed the deadline to sign-up but you would like to show your support this weekend, please download the League Asset pack via the link below.


If you are a Club and would like to show your support this weekend, please download the Club Asset pack via the link below.