Upcoming Coach Development

Online coach development session with The Coaches Network

We are pleased to announce a session focusing on 'Individualised Coaching', our first event of 2024.

The Gloucestershire FA is delighted to announce our first coach development event of the New Year. This webinar will be delivered by Yasar Latif of The Coaches Network. This session will explore Individualised Coaching and how you can help the members of your team to grow and develop as individual players.

Thursday 25th January, 6:30pm - 8:30pm

Online via Microsoft Teams

Key Themes:

  • Navigating Team Dynamics: Learn effective techniques to work seamlessly with individuals within the collective fabric of a team environment. Discover how harmony within the group amplifies individual growth.
  • Crafting Personalised Player Development Plans: Dive into the art of designing individual player development plans that are both comprehensive and adaptive. Explore methods to tailor strategies that resonate with each player's aspirations.
  • Assessment Through Multiple Lenses: Explore the Four Corner Model and how it offers a multifaceted view of player assessment. Understand how diverse perspectives contribute to a holistic understanding of individual progress.
  • Impactful Practice Design: Uncover the profound influence of practice design on individual player development. Gain insights into optimising training sessions for maximal growth and skill enhancement.

This webinar isn't just about theories; it's a hands-on, interactive journey where theory meets practice. Through engaging discussions, case studies, and practical examples, you'll leave equipped with actionable insights to revolutionize your coaching approach.

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Please note that members of the GFA Coaches Association should not book on using the link above. Please contact jacob.owers@gloucestershirefa.com for more information about how to attend.