from left to right; Roy Schafer (GFA Chairman), Councillor Sandra Holliday (Cheltenham Mayor), Chantelle Thompson (GFA Designated safeguarding officer), Councillor Flo Clucas (member for Safety and Communities

Gloucestershire FA receives visit from Mayor of Cheltenham

The Gloucestershire FA has become the 80th member to sign No Child Left Behind Community Agreement

The Gloucestershire FA has become the 80th member to sign Cheltenham Town Council’s No Child Left Behind Community Agreement.

Last week [30 September] the Gloucestershire FA received a visit from the Mayor of Cheltenham, Councillor Sandra Holliday and member for Safety and Communities, Councillor Flo Clucas at Oaklands Park.

The mayor’s meeting was attended by the Gloucestershire FA Chairman, Roy Schafer, Gloucestershire FA Director & Safeguarding Champion, Sue Henson-Green, Gloucestershire FA Chief Executive & Senior Safeguarding Lead, David Neale and the GFA Designated Safeguarding Officer, Chantelle Thompson.

The visit to the association was to present the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Community Agreement plaque. “The NCLB community agreement is a commitment between Cheltenham schools, organisations and residents that we will support one another in a way that reflects kindness, empathy and understanding.”

The agreement is the GFA’s commitment to Cheltenham residents that we will “support you in a way that reflects kindness, empathy and understanding.”

Cllr Flo Clucas member for safety and communities said: '’I’m really thrilled that Gloucestershire FA have become the 80th member of the NCLB community agreement.
“Partnership working is so important to strengthen the links between families and their communities, businesses and organisations.’’

Gloucestershire FA Designated Safeguarding Officer, Chantelle Thompson had this to say about the agreement: “Football can play a pivotal and vital role in helping to combat the effects of child poverty and trauma.

“As an organisation we want to use our game to aid families and young children who may have experienced any form of trauma and financial hardship.

“With the cost of living, not all families will be able to purchase football equipment’s/games for their young ones and many kids may miss out on these joys.

“At the GFA we have purchased Panini Sticker albums [WEURO22], provided footballs and we will look to provide more equipment to go to the families and their children.”

 More information about the NCLB can be found by clicking here.

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