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What does Black history mean to me - Jacques

GFA Marcoms shared his thoughts on what Black History Month means to him

Black History Month is about recognising the important contributions that the Black communities have added to football & wider society.

Gloucestershire FA’s Marketing and Communications Officer, Jacques Kitenge, shared his thoughts on what Black History Month means to him.

“October is a great month for me personally as I celebrate my birthday! Importantly though it’s Black History Month, where we shine a spotlight and celebrate the achievements, successes and contributions of black people in the UK.

“It's great that throughout the whole of October there is a focus on celebrating black history. The challenge is to not only recognise the achievements for a month a year but consistently acknowledge this on a monthly and yearly basis, not just in football/sports but in wider society.

“Football is amazing in bringing people of different walks of life and experiences together to enjoy themselves.

“Football has played a massive role in my life. From creating friendships, lifelong memories and now currently working in the industry.

“Working for the Gloucestershire FA in a comms role is a realisation of my ambitions from a young age. Growing up, I didn't see many black men or women working in sports media, but it is changing.

"There is more representation now. Being in my position and a part of this change, I’m hopeful I can act as an inspiration to others who may be interested in pursuing a similar career."

The new Marketing Officer at GFA