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Keeping Your Child Safe in Football

Previously known as Parents in Sport Week, the Child Protection In Sport Unit (CPSU) have re-branded as Keeping Your Child Safe in Sport week.
The new Keeping Your Child Safe in Sport campaign aims to better reflect the CPSU’s mission to continually support and inform parents and carers about the role they can play in keeping their children safe in sports and activity settings.
Parents should watch the short animation on what abuse might look like in sport and how to get help.
You can find out more information and available resources for you to use to help us share the message and download a media kit here.
Parents can also take the new FA Safeguarding Awareness Parents and Carers course. This course is designed to help you to make an informed choice about the football setting you enrol your child in.
Gloucestershire FA Designated Safeguarding Officer, Chantelle Thompson said: “We proud to support the awareness of this campaign. As an organisation, we are committed to embedding positive safeguarding policies and procedures throughout our clubs and leagues in the County. 
“We want all our Club Welfare Officers to be well equipped with the right knowledge and understanding of best practices, so they are in the position to support the parents within their clubs.
“We run monthly Club Welfare Officer drop-in sessions and have available resources on website that parents utilise and help keep their children safe in football.”
Parents can view the available resources on our website via the link below.
You can find out more on the FA's guide for Parents and Carers - Questions You Should Ask. Download the guidance document below.