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We have had clubs commenting about problems with Player Registration. At the moment, Gloucestershire FA's priority is to complete the affiliation of member clubs and sanctioning of GFA Leagues before we turn our attention to providing support to player registration. As Player Registration system went live recently and things need to settle down, our advice is not to rush to do it.

Two questions to ask are (1) has my club completed affiliation for 2022/23 and (2) is my team's league accepting player registrations for 2022/23 yet? If the answer to either of these questions is 'No', then the player registration process won't fully function and this is why you may be experiencing problems.

If you are certain that club affiliation is complete and the league is inviting you to submit player registrations and further help is needed, the GFA ask that you look at the on-line resources and guides provided by the FA to see if there's a solution published on their website.

Grassroots Technology Hub

Users up and down the Country will have likely experienced the same issues as users in our County. The FA has collated all the known problems and issues for each platform and you can find it via the link below.

If you are encountering an issue and/or you are being affected by 'a bug', the FA has collated all known issues along with the solutions on how to resolve the problem and additionally, estimated timelines regarding resolutions that are not yet sorted. 

Grassroots Tech Hub - Known Issues

If further assistance is required, you can request assistance from the Grassroots Technology Team by using a 'Submit a Ticket' at the top right of the screen at this link 

Grassroots Tech Hub - 'Submit a Ticket'

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