paul nevin and chris powell

Celebrating Black History Month 2021

You can sign up to series of webinars celebrating Black History Month

Throughout Black History Month, the FA will be running online webinars for you join in

Take a look at the upcoming webinars you can join in on:

Online Webinars 

Breaking Barriers: Overcoming Obstacles, Achieving Excellence 

14 October, 6.30 PM. Duration 90 minutes

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Alistair Patrick-Heselton

"Listen to Alistar Patrick-Heselton’s story about perseverance and determination. He has gone from promising talent at Queen's Park Rangers to playing a crucial role i nthe 2012 BT Paralympic World Cup final. Alistair now acts as a mentor and speaker for the next generation of footballers"

Steve Smithies: My Journey to CEO

18 October, 7 PM. Duration 60 minutes

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Steve Smithies

"Every County FA across the country has had to adapt to a new set of challenges during the COVID crisis, and new Cheshire FA CEO Steve Smithies is now the man responsible for leading his county forward.

In this session we’ll be sitting down with Steve and reflecting on his journey in the game and how each stage of his career has prepared him for his latest challenge as CEO."

Black, English and Proud

25 October, 6.30 PM. Duration 60 mins

paul nevin and chris powell

"Not everyone get’s the honour of representing their country. Working with the England men’s senior team and coaching the Three Lions is arguably one of the most prestigious roles in football, especially when the team makes history and appears and its first major final for 55 years.

Chris Powell, Paul Nevin and Michael Johnson have all made their country proud since they stepped up into their posts working with our different England teams, and in this live webinar we’ll be talking to them all about it. This is your opportunity to get inside the head of these three brilliant coaches and learn all about how England teams train and play.

Make sure you join the conversation as we talk about the pride they feel representing England, and the pride they feel as black coaches working at the highest level and inspiring the next generation of talent from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic communities."

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