Ramadan & Football 2021

Ramadan and Football

As Ramadan Begins, learn more with our guidance for those involved in football

Millions of Muslims around the world and around Gloucestershire are celebrating the start of Ramadan. Ramadan is the Arabic name for the ninth month in the Islamic calendar, the festival involves a month of fasting - believers taking part will not eat or drink anything during daylight hours - and prayer. (source, BBC)

This year, Ramadan starts from 12 April until 12 May.

The FA have provided a guide which includes information on how fasting and other lifestyle changes during this period may impact participants across adult and youth football. There is advice on exercise and nutrition for practising Muslims, as well as guidance for non-Muslim players and staff to ensure their footballing environment is as inclusive and welcoming as possible. 

The guidance was created with input from the Al-Khoei Foundation, the Ramadan Tent Project and Crystal Palace FC’s Dr Zaf Iqbal, and is supported by Kick It Out and the PFA.

Download the guidance document below