Referee Guidance on Restarting competitive grassroots football

The FA has issued specific guidance for Referees officiating competitive grassroots football

the fa has published specific covid-19 guidance for referees returning to competitive grassroots football.

The detailed guidance produced by The FA applies to outdoor youth and adult football and the small-sided game. Currently indoor football and futsal are not permitted.

The guidance is based on the Government's framework for a return to recreational team sport (click here) and it should be read with their latest COVID-19 guidance.

Should Government guidance change in response to the current Covid-19 Tier Level, The FA guidance will be updated accordingly.

General Principles:

  • The overriding principles to help safeguard the well-being of all match officials in the match day environment are to:
  • minimise face to face contact where possible
  • avoid lengthy periods of time in enclosed spaces
  • ensure appropriate hygiene protocols are always in place
  • encourage maintenance of appropriate social distancing measures

Please remember: Referees should only return to football when it’s right for them to do so. There is no pressure to return and there will be no consequence or judgement for not returning. Everyone’s health, well-being and safety are the priorities.

Thank you in advance for playing your vital part in helping our great game get going again. By observing Government guidance and the football-specific protocols, let’s work together to ensure the transition back to competitive football is as smooth and safe as possible.

download the specific referee guidances for a return to nls & competitive grassroots football below