Time to talk day 6 feb 2020

Time to Talk Day

Choose to talk about Mental Health and help change lives.

Gloucestershire fa is proud to support time to change, time to talk day [6 february].

Time to Change is 'a campaign to change the way people think and act about mental health problems." 1 in 4 people will experience a mental health problem this year; this could be a player, a team-mate or coach - the list is endless.

Talking about mental health can be a struggle for some so this year Time to Change have decided to use the game format, 'Would you rather' to help start the conversation about mental health. You can use the game's format to talk about mental health during your training sessions, in the stands or post match.

With The FA focusing on raising awareness in mental health and well-being this season, it is important we do what we can to create an environment where we can freely and comfortably talk about mental health, ask for help when we're struggling and offer support to one another - even just by listening to someone.

Find out how you can get involved, download resources and get helpful tips by visiting Time To Change organisation.

Time To Change

You can download the Time To Talk Sports Pack at the foot of the page.

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