celebrating ramadan with the open iftar at wembley stadium

Football and Ramadan

Celebrating the Holy Month

Ramadan is 9th month in the islamic calendar AND IS ALSO KNOWN AS ONE OF THE FIVE PILLARS OF ISLAM.

Every year Muslims around the world fast during this holy month.

Ramadan lasts for one lunar month which is a maximum of 29 or 30 days and its start and ending dates are determined by the sighting of the moon. This means it comes around 11 days earlier each year and so starts on a different date each year. This year Ramadan begins on the 23 April and ends on the 23 May.

The FA has published a new Ramadan and Football Factsheet for this year, which is full of more information regarding Ramadan and the way that fasting impacts daily life.

Ramadan in football will be different this year due to the current circumstances and the result of COVID19 pandemic - no football is scheduled to take place during Ramadan and all communal sporting activities have been suspended.

The Factsheet produced has information clubs can take on to help get an understanding of Ramadan and what it means to the religion of Islam.

Download the Factsheet below