Referee Promotion

Referee Promotions 2018-19

Find a list of all successfully promoted referees!

Congratulations to all referees that achieved promotion this year! The full list of promoted officials can be found below!


Level 7-6

James Austin

Andrew Bower

Luke Brunt

Ian Cruickshank

Alistair Foale

Elliott Haddrell

Simon Laraway

Samuel Lomas

Marek Machowski

Stephen Meredith

Greg Penrith

Valentin Pomfret

Truan Taylor

Robert Tutton

James West

Level 6-5

Philip Boswell

John Budenis

Samuel Bracy

Owen Brimicombe

Paul Collier

Conan Dunne

David Gorman

Vasileios Kaduros

Lee Nightingale

Ben Powell

Benjamin Walker

Billy Wilde

Mark Wilkes


Jade Wardle

Haydn Lavender

Michael Pope

Matthew Langdon

Adam Wilson

John Duffy

Graham Mcnulty

Level 4-3

Thomas Staten

Samuel Fudge

Ryan Saward

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