Gloucestershire FA Super League Series

Flexible 11v11 Football to meet modern lifestyles!
The Gloucestershire FA are excited to announce the launch of our new Super League Series, a modern approach to Adult Male 11v11 Football for those who can’t commit to playing every week as can so often be the case with traditional formats.

Following the success of our Summer Super League, held at the Gloucestershire FA HQ over the past 2 years, we have seen a growing interest in a more flexible approach to football for Adult Males.

With busy lifestyles, lack of time was identified in our recent Adult Male Player Survey as the biggest barrier to participation and we are working to provide opportunities to meet the needs of the modern players.

Our aim is to provide an affordable quality experience using the latest and best 3G Pitch Facilities in the County to offer players the opportunity to play 11v11 football in a League that suits their lifestyle and differs from the traditional offer.

What’s Available?

Oxstalls Super League at Oxstalls Sports Park, Gloucester – Fixtures to be played on the first Saturday of each month from September to March.

Friday Night Super League at Gloucestershire FA, Almondsbury – Fixtures to be played fortnightly on Friday evenings during the regular season.

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