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Are you aware of the sanctioning conditions?

Organisers of football tournaments this summer should be aware of the conditions that apply for the sanction of tournaments and festivals.

Gloucestershire FA is permitted to sanctions festivals and tournaments involving Gloucestershire teams plus teams from other English County FAs. Applications for these tournaments must be received at least 10 working days in advance to guarantee that sanction will be given. 

County FAs are not able to sanction festivals and tournaments which involve teams from different countries, including Wales. Approval for these must be requested from The FA. Information of arrangements including team details must be provided at least 28 days before the date of the start of the competition in order to guarantee sanction from the national association. In respect of multi-country festivals and tournaments this is achieved by the completion and submission of Form D along with the payment of £90.00 to The FA.


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2024 Sanctioned Tournaments

Abbeymead Rovers Youth
11th and 12th May

Thornbury Town Youth
18th and 19th May

1st and 2nd June

1st and 2nd June

Quedgeley Wanderers YFC
8th and 9th June

St Vallier
8th and 9th June

Wotton Rovers
8th and 9th June

Stoke Lane
14th and 16th June

Downend Flyers Girls
22st and 23rd June

Hanham Abbotonians
14th July

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Tournament Guidance

Organisers of football festivals and tournaments this summer are reminded to plan well in advance when it comes to requesting sanction from the Gloucestershire FA. The advice is offered to ensure that the affiliation of one-off competitions can be completed in time for events to go ahead.

It is important that organisers of festivals and tournaments receive the appropriate sanction from either The FA or Gloucestershire FA. Failure to do so could void the respective Legal Liability and Group Personal Accident Insurance of the organisers, teams and referees involved.  Should Gloucestershire FA receive discipline reports or complaints regarding any non-sanctioned event, then the Association does not have the duty to follow these up.

Copies of Application Form D to request the sanction of a festival or tournament from both The FA and Gloucestershire FA are available to download on the Tournaments webpage. Further advice and information about the organisation of one-off competitions and those that have received sanction through Gloucestershire FA are also published on the same webpage.

Gloucestershire FA reserves the right to refuse and return an application for sanction if the information provided on Form D is not complete and if the sanction requires approval from The FA.

Clubs organising and taking part in Football Tournaments after the 30th June each year are reminded that their affiliation must be completed and approved for the following season in order to be permitted to run or play in any Football Tournament being held on or after 1 July.

It is recommended that teams and referees involved in tournaments and festivals request to see proof of sanction from the organisers before taking part.