England Football Accredited

England Football Accreditation

The window for renewal is now open

Clubs have until March 10th to renew their Accreditation and reaffirm their commitment to providing football for the community. Click here to access the Clubs Portal, where you will be able to complete the entire process, or see below for guidance from Gloucestershire FA regarding the changes for the 2023/24 season.

Accreditation 2023/24 - key info from GFA

Beating Heart of It

Football leagues and clubs Accredited by The FA have positively changed the football landscape over the last 20 years. They create the ideal environments to nurture players, coaches and volunteers. The result is greater diversity and inclusivity through football. England Football Accredited replaces The FA Charter Standard and is the next chapter in this amazing story as we unite even more communities by supporting Leagues and Clubs over the next ten years.

Who is Accredited for?

England Football Accredited is for all non-professional leagues and clubs. It helps them create the experiences and environments where players, coaches and volunteers can thrive. Accredited clubs are more sustainable, more resilient and built to last.

Raising Stars of the Future

All Accredited clubs offer a consistent standard on and off the pitch. Stars are used to recognise clubs that provide more opportunities for more people to play. A three-star club offers football within all three playing pathways - male, female and disability.

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England Football Accredited


For England Football Accredited clubs, having a strong season plan or club development plan will help you to be more sustainable, more resilient and built to last.

For 1 star England Football Accredited clubs we recommend having a season plan in place. For 2 star and 3 star England Football Accredited clubs we recommend having a club development plan in place.
Go to the England Football website to download the documents

England Football Accredited

Stay Accredited

Staying Accredited has moved online. Take a look at your dashboard which will show you everything you need to keep your accreditation. From your coaches qualifications, DBS checks to uploading and accepting your policies – this is your one place to go to renew your club’s Accreditation.

England football accredition

Want to know more? 

For more information on any of the above contact Participation and Development Manager, Jacob Owers via Support@GloucestershireFA.com.

To find out more about the club portal and processes go to the league and club hub on youtube