Thinking of becoming a Referee? Or are you a qualified Referee looking for information on development opportunities and support? If so, you’ve come to the right place! This section of our website is dedicated to providing you with useful information on refereeing. Referees perform a vital role in the game and with the growth in popularity of football the demand for match officials is increasing. The Gloucestershire Football Association currently has over 750 registered referees.

The Gloucestershire Football Association referees are under the guidance of Roger Vaughan (Referees Development Officer) who can be contact by email at  

Many of our referees started on courses organised by the Gloucestershire FA. If you have just finished playing and you want to give something back to the game or if you wish to start a career in refereeing then contact Steve Tanner.

Courses are run throughout the year in all parts of the County to allow people to become qualified referees. More details about the different types of referee courses that are offered can be found under the heading ‘Courses’.

Other referee services can be located by clicking on one of the following headings.

Referee Academy

Referee Association