Gloucestershire FA Level 1


With the FA's Coaching in Football course, you will learn the England DNA, your role as a coach and creating a philosophy, the FA's 4 Corner long-term Player Development model and many more elements and practices to improve your training sessions and the development of your players.

Don't just take it from us, read the thoughts of coaches who have completed an FA coaching course.👇

fa level 1 coaching football

kerry moss

Manager/Coach - Charlton Rovers Under 9

The leaders were very encouraging to all people on the course whatever football experience you had. I really enjoyed the practical taking part sessions where we got to use the practice sessions each group planned

There are a lot of support networks for planning sessions and ideas (HIVE) so even a total beginner can facilitate training sessions and have a positive effect on players. 

It can only make you a better more confident, more prepared coach. Not only will it help you in coaching football it can make you better at everything/anything you plan, do and review!

fa level 1 coaching football

gordon mckie

Manager of Randwick 3rds  

Having played grassroots football for years, I went onto the course thinking I knew it all, and I wouldn't learn anything. But having completed the course I realised how much I didn't know, and learnt a lot of useful things such as the England DNA that I try to put into practice at my training session.

The FA want us to be teachers of the game and the course has helped me to do that. I really like the 4 corner model. I only used to think of the technical and physical part of the game. But having completed the course the 4 corner model makes you realise the psychology and social parts of the game are just as important too.

All the tutors are really friendly and helpful. I learnt so much it has given me the confidence to want to go on and do my level 2.


FA Level 1 in Coaching Football
Just starting?

FA Level 1 in Coaching Football

The first stepping-stone on The FA's core coaching pathway, this course introduces you to coaching football, working with players from U7 to open age and offers an insight into the English game - how it's played and how to support the development of future players.