Football Futures

The Football Futures Programme is the FA’s Volunteering Programme for young people and aims to recruit, retain, develop, reward and provide a progressive pathway for young leaders in order to develop a skilled football workforce.

The programme has been developed with 6 themes to provide you with the opportunity to get involved in football as a leader. Whether you are interested in coaching your school team, refereeing games within your local charter standard league or designing a club website, Football needs you!

The young leader is placed at the heart of the Football Futures programme choosing what, where and how they wish to volunteer in football across the six themes. The programme is available to young people who have an interest in getting involved in football leadership and volunteering. This can be in a range of environments be it at a school, college attached to a charter standard club or league or other likeminded partner. Young Leaders can choose from a range of activities, from assisting with the coaching or running of a team, acting as the press officer for a junior league, developing a film to promote a new activity for young people to play, refereeing or being a Respect Ambassador to name but a few.

The Football Futures Young Leadership & Volunteering Programme provides a way for Young Leaders to log their volunteering hours to receive recognition and reward for the invaluable work they do. Without young volunteers, grassroots football would not function as extensively or efficiently as it does at present.

The Football Futures Young Leadership & Volunteering Programme has been developed thematically to provide a wide range of opportunities for young people to get involved in football; the 6 themes are as followed:

  • Coaching & working with teams 
  • Refereeing 
  • Running events 
  • Running and developing the game 
  • Promoting the game 
  • Respect

Through Football Futures, a young leader will gain valuable experience and develop skills that can be applied to all walks of life. Once in the programme, Young Leaders will be offered support to gain football related qualifications such as the Level 1 in coaching football or refereeing qualifications. Young Leaders can track their volunteer hours and get rewarded through the programme.

If you are interested in getting involved in the Football Futures Young Leadership and Volunteering programme please contact Alexis Lunn-Gadd via email at or call 01454 615888 (option 3). 

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