GFA Whole Game

'How To...' On Whole Game

Gloucestershire FA has republished ‘How To…’ guides to help club secretaries with Whole Game Administration.

The reference guides are available for you to download, save and/or print off for future reference below.

‘How to Access Whole Game Portal’

‘How to Manage Notifications’

’How to Acknowledge Cautions & Dismissals’

‘How to Register a Player’s Suspension’

‘How to acknowledge a Misconduct charge’

‘How to process invoices and make payments’

Secretaries of Clubs that are newly formed, and Secretaries that are new to the role, for the 2019/20 season may need to contact the GFA in order to set up their on-line access to Whole Game.

To do this, email  Please remember to include your club’s name when making contact.