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Gloucestershire FA is proud to announce that 19 affiliated Leagues will use Whole Game Player Registration this season.

This number is the second highest tally of Leagues per county association within The FA and, including additional regional Leagues (*), on-line Player Registration will involve Gloucestershire teams and players taking part in the following competitions:-

Avon Youth League

Bristol & District League

Bristol Downs League

Bristol Girls’ League

Bristol U18 Combination League

Bristol Premier Combination League

Bristol Saturday Youth League

Cheltenham Saturday League

Cheltenham Youth League

Gloucestershire FA U18 Girls’

Gloucestershire FA Veterans’ League

Gloucestershire County League

Gloucestershire County Women’s League

Gloucestershire Northern Senior League

Hanham Minor League

Hellenic League *

Mid Gloucestershire Mini Soccer League

North Gloucestershire League
Severn Valley Youth League

Stroud & District League
Toolstation Western League *

All of the above Leagues will be able to open their Player Registration windows to Clubs on or after 10 July 2017.  Instructions that Club Secretaries and nominated Player Registration Officers should follow can be download below.

Clubs with teams in membership of Leagues not on the above list, should continue to use the historic registration method that their League employs.

The FA Whole Game can be found at https://wholegame.thefa.com.  Access requires your respective FA number (FAN) or email address plus password.  If you require it, there is a link to request a password reset on the log-in page.

Any enquiries from Clubs relating to the process of registering their League requires, the information required to register players, or deadlines to achieve, should be directed to (and confirmed by) the respective League your team is a member of.

Should Clubs have problems relating to accessing the Whole Game System, or the player information stored on it (such as duplicate records or incorrect names and/or dates of birth), help should be sought from Gloucestershire FA by emailing support@gloucestershirefa.com.  When making contact, please remember to provide the Club/team name, player’s name(s), your contact details and a summary of the help you require.

During July and August, The FA Whole Game Player Registration Support Team will provide additional support to Clubs and Leagues in the form or twice weekly on-line surgeries.  These will take place on Monday and Wednesday evenings starting at 7pm.  Further details will be sent to Clubs by The FA and/or their respective League(s).

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