Match Based Discipline

Every County FA is responsible for maintaining football discipline at grassroots level and abiding by the procedures issued annually by The Football Association.

FA Discipline Handbook 2016/17

The FA Discipline Handbook 2016/17 is now available.  To view the interactive online version of the FA Discipline Handbook, please click HERE.

Gloucestershire FA

The role of football governance is to ensure that the Rules and Regulations of The FA and Gloucestershire FA are upheld and so maintain good discipline and fair-play in the grassroots game.

From the start of the 2012/13 season all open-age and youth clubs will be dealt with under the match-based suspension system in line with football played at the professional level.

If a player participates on different days, the punishment will be based on the day and type of football he/she was playing.  With the exception of cases of mistaken identity or wrongful dismissal (where video evidence must exist), standard (red card) offences come into force 7 days automatically after the offence took place for 1, 2 or 3 matches depending on the type of misconduct reported. 

Suspensions awarded for further ‘extra-ordinary’ misconduct will continue to apply to all football activity.
Clubs are fully responsible for ensuring that players are not suspended before they play.  Clubs that do play a suspended player will be charged and could face a fine.  Teams also run the risk of having points deducted by their league or having a cup result overturned.  Players found to be playing whilst under suspension will also be charged and could potentially have his/her suspension increased.

If the player is suspended for monies owed or outstanding debts by Gloucestershire FA, the debt must be paid to the County FA directly and receive either a receipt for payment or a clearance notice before playing.  Players are still under suspension until this paperwork has been received.

Clubs and players should be aware that all County FAs are linked to a national FA database, which shares information about players and clubs including all suspensions, from across the country.

It is important that Club Officials update match-based suspension details to on FA Whole Game when matches are cancelled, postponed and re-arranged.  This is required by the FA Match based regulations.

Any club or league that is unsure of a player’s suspension can use the Suspensions Search facility or telephone Gloucestershire Football Association on 01454 615888 (selecting option 4) during office hours to check on the status of a player.